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1-2-1 Session (Online)

30 Minutes sessions tailored to your needs and goals

  • 30 min
  • 40 British pounds
  • Online Session (Zoom)

Service Description

1. Pilates for Mobility focuses on improving the ability to move freely. If you're stiff, sit down often, have back issues etc then this classes works on trying to bring the full range of movement back to the limbs. 2. Pilates for Upper Body Strength is great for improving the everyday demands that are placed on the body on the arms, shoulders, chest and back. Upper body strength training has a list of benefits; boosts muscle strength and endurance, helps burn calories and reduces risk of injury to name a few. 3. Pilates for Lower Body Strength focuses on some of the largest muscles in the body. Strength in the lower body is good for endurance purposes but also helps support the rest of the body in a very powerful way. A key part of this session is helping to support your bones and joints. 4. Pilates for Core Strength focuses on the abdominals (six-pack), back muscles and pelvic area. A strong core leads to a stronger body. The core is important for upright posture, back support, stabilising the body, helps with balance, prevents falls and supports the body. The core is the key player for many of our movements. 5. Pilates for Stability is a contrast to the session Pilates for Mobility. Stability focuses on holding parts of the body whilst moving other parts. This session is great for those with hyper-mobility, it helps with the positioning of the spine through recruitment of certain muscles. Stability is an important element to work in order to get the body to functionally move freely with support and fluidity. 6. Pilates (General) - This session encompasses the many elements undertaken separately throughout the week. Mobility, upper and lower body strength, core strength and stability are the key focus of this session. Terms and conditions apply Cancellation Policy applies

Cancellation Policy

If you have booked a class and can’t make it then you will be given a ‘coupon code’ to transfer the canceled sessions to a new day and time. Saving you on missing out!

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