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5 Unique Employee Benefits to Support Your Staff

by Julie Morris

Today, a high salary might not be enough to attract new hires, ZenBusiness notes. Employers need to think outside the box and start offering innovative benefits that set them apart from other companies. In addition to providing a better work environment and recognising jobs well done, you may want to consider revamping your standard benefits package. Here, Pilates with Scott shares a few suggestions for unique perks your company could offer!

Educational Benefits

By showing a serious interest in your team’s professional growth, you can enhance their skill sets and prepare them to take on exciting new projects. To help your employees deepen their industry expertise, you can offer educational benefits and contribute to tuition payments for team members who want to enrol in a degree program. Your employees might be inclined to enrol in online courses, which will give them the opportunity to complete their studies while keeping up with their responsibilities at work.

Counseling Services

Today, many people are just as concerned with their mental health as their physical health. Being healthy is a holistic pursuit - it goes beyond simply eating well and exercising. That’s why offering mental health benefits can be a boon for your employees. JustWorks recommends choosing a group health insurance plan that covers counselling services or starting an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that can help your staff connect with therapists.

On-Site Wellness Activities

Finding time to exercise and plan healthy meals can be tough when you’re busy at work - so why not make it easier for your employees to practice these habits when they’re at the office? With on-site wellness activities, you can help your employees feel their best. Consider scheduling weekly yoga or online Pilates classes, introducing a bike-sharing program, hosting wellness challenges, and extending lunch breaks so that your team has time to work out during the day.

Unlimited Vacation

Lots of people want to work for a company that will allow them to enjoy a sense of work-life balance. Rather than working long hours for weeks on end and dealing with burnout, they would prefer to give it their all during office hours and fully relax when they’re off the clock. Giving your employees an unlimited paid time off policy gives them the opportunity to step away from time to time and recharge. Plus, this policy could even help your company save money annually, since you won’t have to pay out unused vacation days.

Student Loan Debt Repayment

Many young professionals are struggling with student debt. While a college education is an investment, it often comes with a steep cost. If you’re looking to hire new graduates for entry-level roles, you may want to think about offering student loan repayment assistance as a benefit. Your company could commit to helping employees with payments under certain conditions.

By working with your employees to help them pay down their debts, you’ll demonstrate that you care about their financial futures. Furthermore, you’ll be able to bring in top candidates who are just entering the workforce. You can provide a path to upward advancement through your company, which will help with employee retention in the long run.

For many job seekers, a comprehensive benefits package is a must-have. If you’re struggling to expand your team, you may need to review your company’s current benefits package and make sure that your offerings are up to par with other employers in your niche. By adding some of these benefits to your overall compensation package, you might find that candidates are far more eager to accept an offer from your company.

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